Greenock Medical Aid Society

At the Forefront of Quality Care for Older People


  • To provide a high standard of care and an improved quality of life for each resident.
  • To promote independence as far as possible and to give support as, and when, it is required.
  • To encourage hobbies and outside interests for those who do not have full independence supported by activities arranged with the Diversional Therapists.
  • To ensure each resident is treated as an individual with dignity and respect at all times.
  • To encourage the active involvement of family and friends and to give encouragement and support where it is needed.
  • To help every resident maintain a positive attitude to the future and, in doing so, enhance the quality of his/her life.

Our Aims and Objectives

'Moderate comfort and attendance' may have been the initial aim when the Society was established. The standards now provided are highly rated; a fact stated publicly by residents, their family and friends and by external inspection.

The Executive Committee of the Society has set out its four principal objectives in the form of a Mission Statement which reads as follows:

"The Executive Committee shall ensure that the quality of life enjoyed by residents is of the highest achievable standard and that the holistic care provided embraces premier levels of nursing attention and encourages and develops their spiritual, intellectual and creative needs.

No applicant shall be debarred from consideration for admission to either Home on grounds of religion, background or availability of financial resources.

The Executive Committee accepts the need for public accountability and strict adherence to nationally acceptable systems of supervision of the charitable funds under their aegis.

A duty of the Executive Committee and all other volunteers is to support and monitor the work of the Senior Management Team and the staff".

The Society supports the National Care Standards (Care Homes for Older People) as set out by the Scottish Government and inspected by the Care Inspectorate.

Safeguarding of Residents

The Society has a number of Policies designed to safeguard residents from any type of abuse. These policies are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they meet with current best practice in safeguarding procedures and observe any changes in legislation.

At the Forefront of Quality Care for Older People

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