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The Society has benefited from its long established practice of writing annually to Life Members and other friends of the Society to seek financial support for its wide range of projects which are designed to further improve the facilities and standard of care for residents. Examples of current and recent projects at Bagatelle and Glenfield are as follows:

1. Conversion of a staff room into a single en suite bedroom enabling an additional resident to live at Glenfield.
Estimated cost is £30,000.

2. Internal and external painting of Bagatelle and Glenfield to improve the quality of the environment for residents.
Estimated cost £15,000.

3. Conversion of the zoned fire system in the West wing at Bagatelle to a fully addressable fire system.
Estimated cost £8,000.

The Annual Appeal letter will be issued in April of each year, this being the start of the Society’s financial year.

Members of the Executive Committee of the Society hope that you will look favourably upon their request for your financial support.  Remember to Gift Aid your donation.

The Executive Committee

At the Forefront of Quality Care for Older People

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