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Residents are welcome to use the lounges at any time, either personally or when they have visitors.


There are two lounges in use - one on the ground floor the Graham Lounge and one on the first floor the Lynn Lounge which has a view of the river. A television is installed in the Lynn Lounge and in the Nan Graham Lounge.


There are three lounges in use - the main lounge, the MacLean Lounge, is situated on the first floor with an uninterrupted view of the river. The Elgin Lounge is on the ground floor opposite the west Dining Room. There is a television installed in the Elgin Lounge and in the west Dining Room. A third lounge, the Leighton Lounge, is located in the East Wing on the first floor.

Library - Books & Newspapers

A range of books, videos, DVDs and special books with audio tapes, can be found in the Library located in one of the lounges in each Home. For any resident who is an avid reader, books on specialist subjects can be obtained on loan through the Council’s ‘Home-bound Service’. Inverclyde Council Library Service supplies and changes a range of fiction and non-fiction books on a regular basis.

Arrangements can be made to have a morning and afternoon paper delivered.

At the Forefront of Quality Care for Older People

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