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Admission Policy

Applications for admission to Bagatelle and Glenfield are considered from anyone resident in the West of Scotland, from others who have had a past connection with this geographical area  or from those who have family members resident in this geographical area. There is no discrimination on admission by reason of religion or financial resources. The Society operates a No Smoking Policy within Bagatelle and Glenfield Care Homes and their grounds.

How to Apply for admission to Bagatelle and Glenfield

Before entry, intending residents should have made contact with the Social Work Department of their local Council to ensure that they are eligible to claim the various allowances to which they may be entitled.

All interested may obtain an Admsissions Pack of detailed information, including the Application Form, the Board Rates for the various types of accommodation, the latest Inspection Report from the Care Commission and the A-Z guide to both Homes. A DVD is available on request from Society Support Services which will give you a clear insight into the facilities and resources available to residents at each Home. The DVD will also give you an appreciation of the high standard of care which the Society provides.

Please contact:

Greenock Medical Aid Society
Society Support Services
47 Eldon Street
PA16 7RA

tel: 01475 729424


How to apply for a flat at Bagatelle Court :

Elderly persons seeking accommodation at Bagatelle Court should apply to:

River Clyde Homes
Roxburgh House
102 - 112 Roxburgh Street
Greenock PA15 4JT

Tel: 01475 788887


The Board Rate, which is set annually and reflects the operating costs of Bagatelle and Glenfield, is detailed in the Admissions Pack.

Please note that a weekly allowance for free Personal/ Nursing care is payable for those classified by a Social Work Department as requiring nursing care or residential care. Applicants for admission are advised to contact their local Social Work Department as soon as they wish to apply for residence in either Home.

When a resident’s personal financial resources ( approx £21,500) are insufficient to meet these weekly charges the difference between what is made available by government, nationally and locally, and what is required to meet the Board Rate is known as the ‘Care Gap’. As the resources of the Society are finite the co-operation of the family is sought to make a voluntary contribution, wherever possible, to this gap, to enable the charity to operate on a balanced financial basis.

Note: It is obligatory for applicants to notify the local Social Work Department, before entry, if they wish to claim either Personal/Nursing Care Allowances or additional supplementation.

At the Forefront of Quality Care for Older People

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